Slavia Capital

Slavia Capital

Business sustainability and responsibility are the key elements of its strategy. SLAVIA CAPITAL has been active in the market since 1995 and presents to its business partners a complex platform of excellent products and services established across all continents through their quality and precision. Satisfied business partners and clients are the essence of its corporate mission.

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SLAVIA CAPITAL is a Central European investment group active in various industries, trade and financial services.

Sectors & Markets

Sectors & Markets

Through its branch companies and platforms, SLAVIA CAPITAL Investment Group is active worldwide.

With business activities across all continents, the support of exports and meeting new markets are its principal strategic goals.

Sectors & Markets
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Od 1. decembra má Albrecht nového šéfkuchára

 Od 1. decembra má bratislavský Hotel Albrecht nového šéfkuchára. Mediálne známeho Jaroslava Žídeka vystrieda jeho žiak Daniel Marek. „Vo svojej...
more | 01/12/2016

SLAVIA CAPITAL to attract aviation industry to Slovakia

SLAVIA CAPITAL investment group plans to attract aviation industry to Slovakia. At this moment it negotiates the conditions with strategic partner...
more | 12/04/2016

Slovakian President to support machinery industry

Slovakian President Andrej Kiska supported machinery industry during his official visit to Krupina region. WAY INDUSTRIES company asked him as a...
more | 10/04/2016